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Chapter 6: Page 23

I love that first panel.  Adwarr really went beyond the call of duty on the backgrounds in this scene.  Watch them closely.


Maurice, Lawrence, Omijur, George, Thomas, Olivia, Wilma…and that’s all the names I can make out.

Demons, monsters, and totems of various cultures – a very nice touch for this scene. And Utos looks nervous. Next few pages should be good.

Now this has a certain dark feel to it… Just how I like it.

And there’s a double “Are” in the second panel by the way.

Just curious, what do the voices of Utos, Johnny, and Richard sound like, respectively?

I think johnny has like one of those hillbilly hick voices, where utos would have more of a sauve 80′s gambler’s voice, and richard? one of those Gruff men in his 40s-50′s.

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