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Chapter 6: Page 21

Harsh much?


This coming from a guy who can’t decide which suit to ear so wears two hideous unflattering ones at the same time…seriously. He’d look much sharper without the pin stripes or even thinner pin stripes. At the moment’s its Colnol K versus Bruce Wayne.

It should read Astria`s Power, shouldn`t it?
Aside from that: Yay, Monster Rich!

Aslo: why are his hands smoking where Utos touched him? Didn`t ahppen before.
More clear manifestation of Astria┬┤s Powers equals more demonesque reaction to Angels? neat.

I don’t often comment on the dialouge but the recent similes and metaphores have been very descriptive and effective in conveying mood and thoughts.

I believe Thebun is referring to where rich’s hands were starting to look more feminine, and after utos’ touch began to look normal again.

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