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Chapter 6: page 20

Johnny says what everyone was thinking.


Johnny’s flexible form continues to amuse – love that huge grin in the 2nd panel and the overly-exaggerated “thinking” pose in the 4th … LOL

BTW, your cats don’t sleep much, do they? Of course, I currently have only one that hangs out with us in the bedroom and he sleeps on his own pillow. Unless he gets cold – then he flops onto one or the other of our faces … :-D

thanks Katy. We had an excessive amount of fun with this page :D

And yes I appear to have Insomniac cats. Also, always hungry. (We cut their food down quite a bit a few months ago. They were getting very fat.)

Well, looks like the “once man” can now sing “I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty, and witty and gay!” AND MEAN IT!

Johnny certainly seems to enjoy the “malleability” of his shape.
Then again, if I could make a face like in panel 4, I’d probably do so at every opportunity as well.

Great. Richard’s sporting the eyelashes, the mullet….and now I can’t stop imagining him talking to Johnny in a girly voice. “Like, OH, MY, GAWWD, Johnnyyyy, shut up!”

Yep, Johnny’s faceplay is great.
But I find his bodyplay far more hilarious, especialy with his Gazongas commentary.

And Richie is starting to remind me of a couple of pictures, I always have in mind, when I think of Oberon, King of Elves.

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