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Chapter 6: Page 17

The last guy who wanted to go this way didn’t get very far.


“Daddy daddy! Where do shooting stars come from?”
“Well, dear, sometimes when a man is on an unholy quest of hubris, he ascends into the heavens. Unfortunately, sometimes that man is also in pretty bad shape, and the staircase makes him so sick that he vomits partway up.”
“The moral of the story is — Always do your cardio. Even if you’re an evil magus.”

Is it just me, or is the “once man” losing quite a bit of his hair too? Almost looks like radiation poisoning.

It looks to me like the light coloured hair is “blowing” off his head while the darker, longer hair is pushing out – it all seems to happen between one panel and the next – that’s a FAST transformation!

How did I not notice Utos’ Eshu coat sooner? Nice touch. He doesn’t seem to be much of a trickster, though.

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