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Chapter 6: Page 12

Tell it like it is Johnny,  Tell it like it is.


Is it just me, or do these 2 buildings look suspiciously much like the Twin Towers? Might be a coincidence though. I don’t think anyone’s going to be butthurt about it.

Check out Chapter 3, page 24 :D

I think a lot of the comic followers had a ‘wut’ moment there ;D Epic cliffhanger.

I had it to understand a few pages back that those are the GHOSTS of the twins.. hmm wait a moment.. Does that mean that those buildings “repair” themselves like Johnny´s ears? being “ghosts”?. ghostly regeneration or what it was?..

Yes, they are the Twin Towers. It was explained in an earlier Chapter.

Also: I wouldn`t want to hide behind Riche ither…..

What happened to Leviathan? Wasn’t it over their heads, ready to EAT THEM, last time we saw it? Maybe it ate that part of the “ghost tower,” and the cast members shown only barely managed to escape?

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