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Chapter 5: Page 8

I did promise eye popping.  :D

This scene feel familiar?


Issue 1, pg 18 – 20. The art is truly getting into the classic horror mode. Even the jaw popping out with the eyes is a wonderfully macabre touch. Writing-wise, I am enjoying how Richard is being portrayed as a real and flawed person. Even his righteousness can be viewed as a significant flaw which only adds to the character’s dimensions. This is in stark contrast to the so called flawed super-heroes whose flaws are more rooted in story-telling convenience and some sort of injustice that happened to them. Richard’s flaws are much more believable. Who hasn’t been in denial over a significant item in their lives at some point? Despite being a rather unlikable hero, to me he is very believable as a character.

Thanks! Richard is going to be going through some very interesting times now :D

Woah, I love how the story is going on. I just fear that Malice is going to break rchard mentally by utterly shattering his view of Cathy. You really are a Hilariously great writer who keeps his audience on the edge of their chairs by making the story more and more fascinating!
Also: the ‘krick’ noise in the third panel made me twitch really bad. awesomely placed sound effect!

Woot! You mean I actually did the sound effect right for once? Yay!

As for the edge of the seat, I do try to have the last panel be a bit of a cliff hanger. Can’t always manage it but thats the goal.

first time commenter here
love the comic… words can’t describe how much i adore the writing and art
also just noticed when i hover the arrow over the picture it has some alt-text xD that’s always fun and now after i catch up i’ll have to start over to catch all the ones i missed

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