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Chapter 5: Page 5

Oh, this could be the reason Johnny and Richard hadn’t spoken in a while. :D


*gulp* Ok…. Scary monster’s just about to crush Rich’s skull. Also: Mam Johnny, really bad time to get drunk there… Ow….
6th panel for the win!

I am literally jumping up and down waiting to post the next page. You get to see who is holding Richard’s head. Its such an Awesome page.

Just having a glimpse of Malice in panel 7 makes him/it look much scarier than what is on the chapter cover. Though I’m a bit lost as to what Richard is doing in general. Gets off the elevator and learns something from Ignorance. Gets off again and now will learn something from the Malice/Pride tandem? Time to go back and re-read to see what I have missed or forgotten.

Richard is walking his path through the tower. The elevator is simply a device to take him through each of the trials he must pass or not pass.

Didn’t that used to read “WAS GOOD PUNCH” or is it just me? I’m not sure if Malice is intended to talk incorrectly, but I liked the succinctness of three words; seemed like an appropriate introduction to Malice. If you want correctness, maybe just “GOOD PUNCH.” I don’t know. Again, far be it from me to tell you how to write your story. :P

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