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Chapter 5: Page 26

Because Angels are very reasonable people.    Thank you for all for reading,  Here ends the 5th chapter of WtL.


Best page yet! Been following for a while and just wanted to stop by to say I really enjoy the artwork and the story line has me hooked!

Fantastic Artwork. Thats the first thing that went through my head when Is aw the last panel, followed by “ouch, thats gonna hurt”.
Love it.

I thought: “I love how all the angels are right handed and Utos is left handed. Nice touch.” Then I found out that the right-most one is left handed too…

Haha That would have been neat. Didn’t really think of it. Utos is usually left handed but he’s been known to switch according the needs of the panel. (Its just not something I always remember to check.)

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