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Chapter 5: Page 25

Pride has to have the last laugh and last word.


I simply love Johnny in the fourth panel! “Ooooo… Low blow!”
That just made my day!
Also, they got past the three sin-sisters, but to me it seems as though the trouble is just beginning. I wonder how Utos is doing….

That’s it? Pride just lets him walk? I’m finding this one a bit of a let down. Panel 3 does have Pride giving Richard yet another warning about Catherine that he blithely disregards again. Reminds me of those relationships where every one else can see that the boy/girl friend is no good but you ignore it and keep on with it.

Lets see where it goes from here, shall we?
Still I do have to repeat that I do not think that Richard sees everything Pride may have done to him (or will still do?)……

Got here last night via Project Wonderful.
Read for a couple hours more than was good for me, as I had to get up early for work- that’s how good I found this to be.
I’m not religious by any means, so it takes a little suspension of disbelief to make this work, but at least it’s not a bunch of preaching. The horror aspect is rocking, as is the self-discovery journey, with its unintended unpleasant revelations. Very well written so far.
I already think I know who/what Catherine did, but I’ll keep it to myself.
Adding you to my list, of course.

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