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Chapter 5: Page 24

Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.  Better luck next time Pride.


Don’t get too smug Richard. “This” contest is no longer useful to Pride. But even though we are near the end (I suspect) of the chapter, there is still time for Pride to smack you upside the head. On a side note, I think Pride is my favorite of the three. She’s just so over the top.

Personally Malice is my Favorite but all three have been a blast to write. Though the encounter with Malice was the one that I had the most difficult.

Hmmmm, PRIDE yields?
I cant help but feel that something is very very wrong here…….

Pride doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. Richard IS protected. Technically, they’re on the same side ;)

Well, that didn`t prevent Malice and others from…..harassing him (and displaying to him why he ….. was less sterling than he thought) which added to the fact that I think pride ist metaphorically the most dangerous sin DOES make me wonder……

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