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Chapter 5: Page 23

Bringing down the house.


I’m not sure, but she sure as hell doesn’t look very happy about the current situation. O.o

He has the protection of “the seal” when the lady devil he “accidentally” summoned turned him into a husk.

This will not end well. It appears Richard may have problems controlling his “maglite”

hehehe…..I like where this is headed.
Rich both seems to ahve the upper hand and is, knowing him, begging for more ……lets say trouble, shall we? ;)

Great work, both the writing and the artwork!
Btw, I was going through the previous chapters and there seemed to be no comic for chapter 4, page 6…

Thank you very much. Thank you doubly for calling that missing page to my attention. I’m not sure what happened but it should be fixed now.

I had had the same problem – I figured it was something to do with my computer and just stopped reading for a couple days – when I got here today it worked – I guess that was after you fixed it! :-)

What the …. oh, crud, I’m caught up!!! I didn’t realize I was getting so close – well, kudos to you for keeping me so engrossed and now I have to sit and wait for the next page!!

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