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Chapter 5: Page 21

Richard makes his play.


oook.. dude knows some serious blood magic.. or voodoo.. Then again i dont see any chicken parts there..

now let’s hope the chantry doesn’t get his arse(those who played dragon age origins will understand)

Is it possible that after Ignorance and Malice have had their way with him that Richard is actually going to get the drop on Pride?

Actually, a haughty spirit goes before a fall. :P

Also? Probably meant to be “strengthened” in panel five.

Where did Richard learn all of this? Is there a correspondence school for black magic?

It’s explained in issue 2 page 23.
I’ve been waiting for him to show a little more magical aptitude for a long time. He’s not great -he screwed up his summoning circle- but this might work the way he wants it to… :P

Pride looks afraid. Rich is doing something she doesn’t like. The real question: Is he doing what he thinks he’s doing?

Thanks. It’s hard to keep track of all the details. He probably is going to get something along the lines of what he thinks he’s doing, but I still think Pride is going to get the last word.

Didn`t expect that, but Is eem to remember Rich WAS “The misled Sorcerer” at the beginning….interesting, cant wait tos ee where this is headed.
My Guess is its going to break chains…..Johnnies and probably more….

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