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Chapter 5: Page 18

Do you really want to go there Rich?  Do you really?


You know what would be awesome? If demons in WtL were in the habit of lying. Jillions of years of practice would make turning Richard away pretty easy, I imagine.

Why lie when the truth is so much more … useful? Using the truth, twisting it, forcing a person to accept it whether they like it or not – THAT is what makes demons so dangerous. They don’t have to lie. We lie enough for all the demons that ever existed …

Ah yes, the good old “Then Ehaven itself is wrong/must be brought down/Luciferian way of seeing things.
Again I am reminded of DtF, and in a good way.
Love where this is headed.

Oh, and I agree with Aaron, but I was pretty sure that Pride would be my favourite all along.

Well, that depends on your view of the mythology. In standard versions of the bible, the story of the Fall is due to Lucifer wanting to be as important to Yahweh as humans were – he wanted angels to have free will. THAT was his sin – the desire to be able to do something other than be a programmed being. He was cast out for that and it’s not that he wants to bring heaven down, but that he wants to go back and rule it himself. Or something like that – there are so many versions based upon different translations and people’s opinions …

Fourth panel. Is Richard finally admitting that Katherine engaged in, shall we say, questionable behavior to fund her charity? And he still tries to justify her behavior away. An interesting question for me is did Katherine really love him? Richard may believe she did but he has been wrong about so much already. Could be argued either way.

And kudos to the writing. The age old argument of Absolute Right/Wrong vs. Situational Right/Wrong is perfectly encapsulated in this short exchange.

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