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Chapter 5: Page 14

This page was too awesome to not do a double spread.  Unfortunately it breaks the site.  CLICK HERE to see it full sized


Great art on this page, and I like the reference to Dante, but you clearly depicted Malice as an evil nanny-goat. She’s not very lupine. Even the fetus looked like a kid, not a wolfcub. ???

Yeah. I think the horns were mainly what threw me off. And something about the snout. Maybe with the horns, the long fur obscuring Malice’s chin looks like a billy-goat’s beard. When I cover the horns with my hands and try to see her with fresh eyes, she looks more wolfish. Don’t mistake me, though. I love your comic. On another note, will all demons be female and all angels male?

OK now that I’ve seen the later pages… I honestly thought this was like a theatre…and that those were seats. I was gravely mistaken. Those “seats” are, well, people who are tied up.

I’m not entirely sure why I thought it was like a theatre when you can actually make out the people’s heads here, LOL

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