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Chapter 5: Page 10

Malice she’s in you.  Also Adwarr really had fun on this page.  Can you get all the references?


Wow, I immediately thought there was something going on with the multiple representations of Richard, but to get all the references…

The one in the suit should be the one that punched Johnny at Catherine’s funeral. The one at the immediate left of Malice seems to wear the hospital’s gown, but Rich resisted and didn’t knock out the officer when breaking out, so I don’t think that’s the correct reference. The next one to the left seems to be wearing what Rich wears now; may that reference the verbal fight with Ignorance? I recognize younger Rich and I think I’ve already seen the sweater of the one at the right, but those are out of my understanding.

I was mostly referring to the final panel. All the Richards are officially from his past but Adwarr worked in many classic horror movie costumes. So officially Catherine had a halloween party tradition. Richard had a tradition of getting drunk at it. :D

Malice: “That is the truth.” Truth is also subject to interpretation. What I like is how Malice is going for the most basic level of truth (which can in itself be incomplete) so Richard can’t wriggle out of his personal responsibility. No room for denial, excuses, or whining in Malice’s world.

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