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Chapter 4: Page 4

Richard doesn’t pay very much attention to the grown ups.  Also I should have mentioned that this chapter has a fair bit of frontal nudity, so be warned.

Pretty calm on the home front this week.  We got in all of our stuff for the MCM expo, just waiting on the books now.  We’ll snap some pictures of the pile this weekend to post on monday.

I also listened to a podiobook this week.  Its entitled The Spiral Tattoo which is a Sherlock Holmes story except Sherlock is a female troll and Watson is a six inch tall pixie wizard.  Its a fun little romp through a D&D inspired world.


Has someone been playing Demon:the Fallen o.O
I suspect so, because tats where I know the term earthbound from.
especially related to angels.

I have never played Demon. I’ve browsed through the main rule book at some point but that would have been a very long time ago. I’m a Mage man. :P

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