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Chapter 4: Page 3

Tsk Johnny!   Think of how much better shape Richard would be in if he climbed all those stairs.  He could stand to lose all those frozen pizzas clustered around his waist :P

We’ve had a busy creative weekend here at Fallen Kitten Headquarters.  I tossed out everything I had written for chapter eight thursday night in a bout of frustration.  Then on friday night something in my brain clicked and I had it rewritten by saturday evening.  I’ve NEVER written or rewritten a script that fast before.  It was an amazing feeling.  I hope I can do it again.

On Sunday we worked on Ms. FallenKitten’s Ignorance cosplay, sorting out the makeup and bodypaint.  It turned out so well that its this week’s sharing incentive!  She looks great (and evil) in leopard spots.

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