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Chapter 4: Page 26

Truth in Denial.


Holy crap, finally the question we’ve all been waiting for! I just can’t get rid of the feeling that this is all some kind of trial.
This chapter has the title ‘Hunt of denial’… Does that mean, that Richard won’t be able to proceed(wherever to) if he won’t stop denying Catherine’s faults?
Dude, most thrilling comic ever! <3 it!!!

Thanks for reading guys! This is the end of chapter 4. Sorry I haven’t been responding, been busy with holidays and family. This is the final page of chapter 4. Monday will be the cover to chapter five, its an absolute beast. :D I’ll update the blog sometime during the weekend. In the mean time have a Happy New Year!

Actually I wanted to wait with comments till I’m trough the Archives.

But that shattering Picture is the BEST allegory I’ve ever saw, for a breaking heart.
Espacially Since it started real slow and eroded gradually faster.

Shows that “Bannercouriosity” pays up … sometimes.
One of the very best works I stumbled ’bout so far.
Read: You got yourself another hooked follower. *thumbs up*

Thanks for making it worth spending money to my ISP.

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