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Chapter 4: Page 24

Brave Brave Sir Richard ran away!


At first, I didn’t understand why she kept asking all these questions but then I realised: Ignorance,huh?

Richard, Richard, Richard. Did you want her back because of love or because you needed your questions resolved? Some serious rose-colored glasses Richard is wearing.

I have to agree with Ignorance… to a degree. Guy definitely didn’t feel love. More like lack of closure.

Heh, up to some point Ignorance is right. What Richard felt when he found out that Catherine was lying to him for all those years it certainly was’t love what he felt. It was rather something like the feeling that he would not be able to rest until he’d get those questions answered.
Anyway, Ignorance’s look in the first panel is the greatest thing since Xeleras the Thunderbird! Geez, I love this comic!

Panel 3 gives me a Silent Hill flashback, i.e, “Filth and Lies!”
Except, y’know, actually used well.

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