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Chapter 4: Page 22

Ignorance is a surprisingly good accountant.


First panel – sad and poignant. Third and fourth panel – rather heart rending. Here is a guy who really loves someone and can’t bear the thought that something might be wrong. Richard’s rationalization of what appears to be some sort very poor decision on Cathy’s part is emblematic of many relationships. His desire for a perfect memory of his beloved borders on delusional. At the risk of sounding like an uncritical fan-boy, I really like the dialogue/art combination so far. A lot of information is given without needed to bash the reader over the head with it.

Wow! I discovered this comic a little while back, and AM an unabashed fanboy!

No problems recognizing Ignorance – horns are fairly uncommon on adminly types. :)

She mentioned Malice. I’m thinking that, if he does find his wife, she is exactly where she belongs.

So is this Hell, or just Purgatory?

I believe this is the valley of the shadow, the one dante went through, and may i say the story, and art are amazing. I find your interpretation of the modern day religious supernatural amazing, i think mr. alighieri would be proud if he saw this.

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