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Chapter 4: Page 2

And here is the real world ground zero.  2008.  Rebuilding the trade centers has been a very slow process.  Plans have been drawn and redrawn.  Fights have broken out over who deserves to have a place at this now-sacred site.  There is an emotional inertia there that seems to make even the most trivial things about it an epic battle.   But the towers are being rebuilt all the same and the site will no longer be a scar in New York City.

This week I’ve been working to finish the rough draft of chapter eight.  I’m now more than halfway but it’s like plucking out my eyelash hairs one by one.  Chapter eight is the end of the first of three arcs and I’m in the grip of uncertainty as I write it.  I know what has to happen but the order of it happening is fluid; the emotions of the characters run high, making each phrase of dialog extra important.  The current scene feels like it is on the edge of a runaway chain reaction.  It’s like attempting to bottle an explosion.

It will be good.  It’s going to take some rewrites and editing but eventually I’m going to bottle this lightning in my head.  Then Adwarr will use it to give life to the chapter.  Cross your fingers.


In the immortal words of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman in the book Good Omens: Crowley hadn’t so much fallen as sauntered slightly downwards.

(Quoting from memory, probably wrong)

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