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Chapter 4: Page 14

Something odd is happening.



Your head man, it’s a WMD. Also, Adwarr. That bridge of people is The Matrix material. Not as in plagiarism but as in paramount.

Side note: Is there a way to place bookmarks in these comics? I like to leave and come back much later to read up in big gulps. But when I do come back, I want to continue where I started, not start at the most recent entry and flip backwards, as I usually end up doing. I liked Memento but I’d rather not have to treat my comics that way.

Got any ideas?

Thank you very much! I wouldn’t go so far to say my head is a WMD, its more of a superfund site. I don’t think its very dangerous to other people but you wouldn’t want to live in there.

As for the book marking I think the closest you will get will be using one of Someone’s suggestions. A bookmarking feature would be handy and I do know of one webcomic that “remembers” where you were, Sequential Art ( But it is not a wordpress site as far as I can tell and thats a functionality that webcomic/inkblot does not have. If there is a plug-in that would support this then please let us know.


I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed using e.g. Thunderbird or even Live Bookmarks in Firefox.
The former will keep a rather complete history of what you have not yet read. The latter will only cover a couple of pages at any given time, so you should use a real RSS reader.


Someone, thanks for the tip. I never got into the RSS game, didn’t see the point. Guess i do now.

Dan, that was me spending my friday morning reading up on WtL, and from now on, all your RSS are belong to us.

RSS is a great way to follow comics. I read almost all of the 30ish webcomics I follow via RSS.

I had all my comics set up through Google’s Reader, which was like RSS – then they quit updating it. I lost my places in EVERYTHING. I just keep track on a document on my desktop now – or once I’m caught up just do my best to STAY caught up.

I’ve always enjoyed the “descent Into Hell” type stories like Milton’s “Paradise Lost” or Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. the art on this is what i always dreamed one of those would look like if drawn by an artist with the skill to do it justice, but then it’s coupled with a story worthy of a straight ‘print’ edition all it’s own. arcane awesomeness incarnate.

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