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Chapter 4: Page 12

Wuh Oh!  Duck!


Art comment. Great idea to use of black and white. I think this is one of the fiew comics that look better in black/white than in color. It really emphsises the dreariness of the landscape. Unfortunately the sound effect (BLAM!)is really jarring. I’m not sure how you could indicate the noise without taking away from the scene.

This is something that is always something of a struggle. I’m still trying to find a style of sound effect that meshes with Adwarr’s art. I’ve been using stark black and whites so far but maybe its time to experiment with grey tones again. Might flow into the scenes a bit better. Lately (lettering chapter 5) I’ve been leaving many of the sound effects that are in the script out simply because Adwarr’s art accomplishes the effect. In this particular panel it was important to indicate that the explosion was the effect of a gunshot and not spontaneous soul explosion.

Thanks for the comment!

Apologies for the typos. Work still uses IE6 and it doesn’t mesh well with the comment box. I have to type half the sentences without seeing them.

What, no Next link? NOOO!!!

Seriously, this comic is one of the most disturbing pieces of art I have come across since, well, ever.

And I mean that in a good way. Art should be disturbing.

I love the way you take pieces of several mythologies and weave them together to a seamless whole. Including the modern myths of Money and Profit was a stroke of genius.

And the artwork! The artwork… there are no words. I sit in awe.

Thank you very much. I promise there is much much more coming. (And you could actually read more of it now in the supporter section ;) )

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