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Chapter 4: Page 11

Very noble.


Its a trap isnt it.

From the Pocket Explorer’s Guide to Demonic Realms.

Page 1:

1. Everything with a Demon’s realm should be considered a trap.

2. If it does not appear to be a trap, it is definitely a trap.

Just found this from a banner at Phoenix Requiem. I have spent too much of the work day checking this out. A hero without washboard abs? No gratuitous fan-service? That is what is different and original. The art is very good. Nice and dark without being cartoonish. And then what seems to be a decent twist on the heaven/hell theme. I’ll stick around to see where this goes.

Yeah, this really is just flat-out excellent. The story is making my head explode.

Thank you! Although Astria requests that you please explode over there in the corner, thats where the wall could use more color.

I Guess sometimes hitting those banners for the hell of it is worth it. I’d gladly see where this comic leads :)

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