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Chapter 4: Page 1

Chapter 4 starts off with donuts.  Rightly I say!  I mean to hell with burying me with two coins over my eyes.  When I’m dead give me two dozen donuts to take with me to the afterlife.  I’ll sail right through those pearly gates after I eat the first box.

Speaking of donuts:  Its impossible to get a blueberry cake donut in this country.  Its worse than trying to find bagels!

On one more note: Do not attempt to be witty while you’re hungry.  Cheers everyone and have a great week.


Somehow, I’ve been imagining this creepy old movie soundtrack playing ever since they got into the car/bird with Utos.

Not really. Just one of these B&W old semi-horror flicks with all the overly dramatic music :P

Must say btw, having the towers in there was a big surprise but I think it’s quite awesome :)

Thanks! I think it made a quite a bit of sense. I really feel that the United States are still living in the shadow of the towers. As time goes on I expect they will feature more and more into the mythology of the country.

Have you considered making blueberry donuts yourself? Probably a lot faster and better than searching all of creation.

I have not considered it. Although I would if we possessed a deep fryer. Trying to refrain from obtaining one to make sure deep fried goodies are a sometimes food. We’re awfully tempted to get one though, if only for the bitterballen. Bitterballen are the greatest of dutch inventions, deep fried meat and gravy balls. :D Somehow they never made it to the states.

…there’s no bitterballen in the states? For once I’m glad to be here in our little rainy patch of land xD

Nope, I had never heard of either bittenballen or stroopwaffels before I resided in this windmill dotted landscape. Speaking of Stroopwaffels, my father has gotten addicted. When he visits he brings home four to five packages of them and freezes them. Then he rations them one or two a week. That works until my sister finds his stash.

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