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Chapter 3: Page 24

And so ends chapter 3, with an absolutely awesome page. Adwarr really out did himself with it.
So much so that I asked him to color it! The high detail, colored page is our very first sharing incentive. See it here.


Im not really following what is happening…. What is happening?

How does one walk to heaven? The same way Dante first attempted, climb the Mountain of faith. What would you think America’s mountain would look like?


“We start your question for The Kingdom at The Base”

Is the use of “The Base” intentional in the Twin Towers context? “Al Qaeda” may be translated as “The Base” after all.

Just so you know, the full color page no longer works. It redirects me to your Page Not Found page.

I imagine it was only up for a short time – SOL for those of us not following at the time. I posted to Facebook anyway, ’cause I think this is an awesome comic.

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