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Chapter 3: Page 19

Astria reveals the stakes.

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Astria doesn’t want who to get hurt, “the husk,” or Utos?

Sorry I thought that was pretty clear that she doesn’t want Utos hurt. The husk(Richard) is a genderless thing. Its a little late to not want Richard hurt. :D

Yes, Astria does clearly have some interest in Utos. Things about Richard though are a little more murky. It wasn’t exactly clear that the husk is a genderless “it” before you mentioned it, even if Astria treats it that way. Also, as readers, we don’t know whether Richard can be restored to his proper condition. If he can’t be, and it’s a moot point, then concern for the husk wouldn’t seem to be an issue, but if he can be restored, then it was conceivable for Astria to intend, for whatever unrevealed reason of her own, no further hurt to Richard. In today’s panel, Utos seems to be of the opinion that Astria needs the husk intact in order to keep using Richard’s identity. Certainly, that would be a reason for her to want to keep the husk from getting damaged further. The situation makes me curious about whether the apparent sympathetic connection, where violence done to Astria/Richard manifests in the husk, works in the other direction, and violence done to the husk affects Astria/Richard. I’m wondering if Utos or the husk will see the death/destruction of the husk as a means of banishing Astria without undoing the Era. The whole situation is intriguingly confusing. Obviously Astria regards the husk as an “it,” and yet “it” exercises free will, and Utos appears to hold it still morally accountable and treats it as if it were still Richard.

You’re doing a great job with this story. Keep up the good work!

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