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Chapter 3: Cover

Welcome to Chapter three of Walking the Lethe.  Hold on, things are about to get a mite bumpy.


‘Bumpy’, you say? :P

Looks promising, I’ll probably get used to the new art real quick.

Yeah bumpy, the sort of bumpy you may feel when your car fails to make a sharp turn and goes careening down the side of the mountain bumpy. :D

I like it! I’ve been reading awhile now and love your comic, and I must say, the new artist looks promising. do you think it might be possible to get that as a wallpaper?

Thank you very much Lavister. I love this cover too, when I first saw it I squealed, which is a rather odd sound coming from a guy who’s over 200 pounds.

I’ll see if I can whip up a wallpaper for you out of it but the cover’s dimensions will make it a bit awkward I fear. What I do have are some A3 (About 11x 17) Prints of the cover that I made for selling at cons. If your at all interested in having one let me know. :D

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