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Chapter 10: Page 1

Can anyone guess where Richard landed?


Clearly one of the Pagan domains. Judging by the armour, the presence of a/the minotaur and the lightning out of nowhere the Greco-Roman one.

On that note, could it be Richard starts to comprehend how selfish and destructive his quest was?

Erm. Eh? What? When did this little “army” get here?

Looks like “once man” is feeling just a wee bit suicidal too.

It’s about time the sisters make another appearance. Though what Chibi-Pride can do besides be an ankle biter is beyond me at this point.

Yeah, definite continuity break. Deliberate? Stay tuned and hopefully we’ll find out.

I think Rich may have forgotten that s/he is carrying a bundle of magical protection, wanted or not…

Guessing where Rich landed: I presume the minotaur is a big fat hint. Plus or minos a bit.

Ah, not minotaur; bull-drawn chariots, apparently. Hmmm. Wikipedia claims “Ox carts, proto-chariots, were built by the Proto-Indo-Europeans and were also built in Mesopotamia as early as 3000 BC.”

Just remember: Beware of geeks bearing GIFs.

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