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Chapter 10: Page 7

The first individual who quotes star wars will be shot.


The Management

PS. the second person who quotes  it will ALSO be shot.

PPS.  the third person will be shot, then drawn and quartered and shot again for good measure.


Hmmm. That reaction does suggest the child-of- … Darn, need to go back and look at which sin it was … theory may be correct.

Can’t see Jar Jar lasting long where Rich is …

… and yes – hell would have to be the only place he could go, and even then it would be hard for him to make the interview.

Imagine – he wouldn’t even be able to get out the words “me so hot here …” before something chomped him … or would that be considered an act of good ?

Imagine a hell where Jar Jar is in charge … [shiver]

Actually, that was the very end of “episode one.”

And Oh yeah, “once man” has that whole “LOTR, Return of the king” thing going right now.

As I am either the 4th or 5th (huh, wasn`t there a Song from Genesis named that way?) who quoted SW I am safe.



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