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Chapter 10: Page 4

Real nice.  Stayin Classy


Seems to be a problem with the speech bubbles in the second-last panel. Who’s introducing their mistress?

GAH. I apologize for that. Fixing now. We’re looking for a new place to live so my attention has been a bit split lately.

Seems “minion” is using ventriloquism to speak through “once man.” ;)

As for Ulysses, wound up way too quickly, eh?

“Minion” is merely delivering a FACTUAL account to “mistress.”

Should be a bit more clear now. In other news I think we’ve found an apartment. We’ll know by weds. If it falls through then full scale panic.

Well, given that Rich has been rejecting advice — outside of the clothing — and didn’t exactly request it in the first place, I can sorta see why s/he isn’t willing to take responsibility for opinions expressed.

Seems U’s objection is to “disgusting” and “wretched” … probably more the latter.

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