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Chapter 10: Page 3



Ahh, so that’s where we are. Makes meeting up with Johnny a bit more likely… and presumably with the Sin Sisters.

Hmmm, the last few pages do seem really on the confusing side.

On a sidenote: Rich is getting awfully strong, snapping a soldiers neck so effortlessly…..

Yeah, I like how casual that necksnapping move is.

On that note, the archangels have mentioned that the pagan domains are gaining power, although I assumed they meant the neopaganism and I’m curious as to why a person in here would be wearing a Christian cross… unless there’s some confusion/trickery involved, I mean, bearded guy, smites stuff with lightning…

Hmm, seems a very loose definition of the word “Modern” seeing everyone’s in greco-roman gear.

I think that “lightening” in the first panel should be “lightning”. But if there’s not going to be a print version, I guess that typos don’t matter as much.

Somehow I failed to notice the actual snapping of the neck. Maybe I just figured that they’re all dead anyway, so what is a sore neck?

is that to be from the modern world or -not- from the modern world?
of course they could be ex-Christians who changed over to Jupiter or what ever he was.

Before the xtians gained power and murdered all who thought differently to them, it was fairly common for pagans to add their god as just another god and wear their symbols with the others.

This was particularly common with the norse where thor’s hammer can be made to look like either a cross or a hammer so as to invoke either or offend as little as possible the priests of either.

richard must be all willpower now…considering that his physical form has undergone massive transformation, it’s amazing that he manages to keep himself focused and moving forward rather than collapsing in a heap and breaking down. i’m pretty impressed with his resolve, granted his quest is kind of threatening things…but who cares about such details :P

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