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Chapter 10: Page 25

Adwarr knocks a monster design out of the park.  There are worse send offs.  Please read the blog post.  Thank you.


This has been one of the most amazing comics I’ve read. I’ll be sure to keep posted to find out about any future endeavors you may have; your mind is a labyrinth into which it is well worth losing oneself. Thank you so much for the entertainment, and bet of luck/skill in the upcoming life changes :D

It’s extremely disappointing that the story has to stop at such a point, but I understand the situation.

The only main question I really have would be what Satan does with Johnny… Satan’s last line of dialog piqued my curiosity. And it won’t wait for the novelization! ;)

Thanks for the support and understanding. You all have made my day. :D Zyker, I actually have concept art detailing what Johnny looked like after Satan was done with him. Maybe I’ll email it to everyone who signs up to be informed about future projects?

Dkkauwe: its right on the main page, I don’t see how you can miss it.

Always leave ‘em hungry for more, right? I’d say you got that just about right.

Definitely sorry to see WtL go. I like the mythology you’ve developed, you’ve kept the surprises coming but made them all seem inevitable (which is a major part of the definition of “good art” of any kind), and your characters are very much themselves.

Adwarr, your contribution has likewise been excellent. Visually strong, clear, and appropriate to the storyline. It’s been a wonderful collaboration.

I understand why you’re ending it here — making a living does, in the end, have to come first — but I still regret the need. I was looking forward to owning a complete set of the books… Oh Well.

Fare well, wherever you fare.

on another note, will there be a print version of the final segment? i got the first set…

Maybe do a Kickstarter for the “final” print set. Evan thought the full book isn’t/won’t be done yet, I’d still like to get a copy.

*heart breaks* I’ve never cried so hard over an incomplete piece of literature in my life. Dan, you rock so hard. Adwarr, your art is unparalleled. I hope things work out positively for you to the point that you both may someday return this project to its glory. Selfishly, of course. This has been the best comic I’ve been privy to since Sandman and subsequently, Lucifer. Much love, folks. You’ll be severely missed.

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