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Chapter 10: Page 23

So thats what the bug did.


That IS a wake-up-call.
Culminated into a near inaudible “Yes.” (after that wake-up it’s got to seem inaudible :P )

And that “Yes.” is the most scariest answer in that moment.

Great! I really love this.

What a goal-oriented blob. That’s the kind of blob I bet Rich’s mom wished he’d have married.

March into Hell and take her back? May as well since he’s come this far. It’s not like he has anything better to do.

More importantly: March into Hell and take her back because — whether she lied or not — he loves her.

Image size is messed up in Firefox as well. It runs off the right edge without a scroll bar.

Fixable on my end by grabbing the image and showing locally but it’s probably not what you want.

Similar thing’s going on with my Firefox. Seems like the image is so big only part of it is showing on the site at the moment. Thanks! :)

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