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Chapter 10: Page 15

Originally this page had words.  It didn’t need them.


Gotta love wordless pages. Something special about it, also very rare for this comic.

Antepenultimate panel – pure awesomeness!

And now she’s going off to “save the children.”

Eesh. Judging from the previous pages I bet I know how she tries to do that. if so is there really no other alternative? D:

So she has the only charity in the world dedicated to kids, and without the cash something bad will happen so she has to put out to a d-bag thereby avoiding calamity. Methinks she’s a bit too wrapped up in her mission and herself. But then if she wasn’t we wouldn’t have a kick ass horror comic to read.

NOOOO!!!! I’ve reached the end of the archive. I found this tonight, and I gorged myself on them… Now I will have to wait months before I can gorge again. :( *sniffle*

(I like the comic, as you may have guessed. I also appreciate the chance to see more of ‘reality’ in this arc. )

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