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Chapter 10: Page 13

I need a drink too.


Ah, and so the tangled woven web begins to reveal its intricacies. I’m not sure if the colors are going to go very well together in these different threads.

In a more prosaic note, I’m happy to see that the pre-mystical side is finally showing up in full force.

Glad you like it. I was/am really torn about this scene. The idea was to protray Catherine as an actual person instead of Richard’s ideal, not sure if I did it well.

erk, ewww. So that guy was saying “Be a whore or the kids get it?”

Yeah, I think Richard’s “malice” just found him/her a new victim.

The more I see of Catherine, the more I think the whole ‘road to hell is paved with good intentions’ spiel fits her perfectly…

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