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Chapter 10: Page 10

Way to be supportive Rich.


Frankly, if he isn’t interested he should have said so and she should have let him beg off… and unless he’s _INVOLVED_ in the project he shouldn’t have been on the podium in the first place; one can support as well or better from the audience.

Not knowing who insisted on what, I’m not going to throw demerits. Though the limo thing suggests that she may be trying much, much too hard to manage her image… and mis-judging it.

I love the fact that this highlights the sheer ammount of money charities waste on glitz and glamour to get attention, despite that the money they spend could effectively make a major impact on the original cause that the charity has taken up…

Personally, this is why I don’t donate to many ‘mainstream’ charities, especially the ones with religious ties. But that’s just me being rather fed up of this world…

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