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Richard Harrison:  A building superintendent, he is described by his residents as a friendly, hardworking man who’s just a little off.  They’re right, as he’s slowly been converting 42 Quint Avenue into the largest summoning circle the world has seen in hundreds of years for the purpose of summoning the ghost of his wife, Catherine, to whom he never got to say good-bye.  When Astria appears and offers him a chance not only to see Catherine again, but bring her back from the dead, he gives her his Name, Humanity and something else.

Astria: When Richard’s ritual finally succeeds in piercing the barrier between life and death, it is not the ghost of Catherine that appears but this shadowy succubus. She’s offered Richard a deal so he can venture into the afterlife. She has now assumed his mortal identity and answers to his name. To mortal eyes she looks identical to Richard but is a much snappier dresser. She has used this borrowed mortality to anchor herself to the physical realm and blackmail Utos.

Utos: The Angel of Profit: This Angel is the Lord of the Modern era, although he is apparently disliked by his brothers for some reason. He is responsible for the suppression of all magical knowledge and defends the physical world from incursion from other supernatural entities. His interactions with Astria hint at a long history between them.

Mr. Done: Utos’ some what reluctant or perhaps just bitter, right hand corpse. He’s extremely well preserved.

Wendy: Wendy is a high powered criminal attorney, one of the best in Boston. A sarcastic and harsh woman. Or was until Richard pulled an over grown addiction spirit out of her. Now she feels confused, empty and lost.

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