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About the Comic
Can a demonic deal get you to heaven?  Richard Harrison is about to find out.
Walking the Lethe follows Richard Harrison, a sixty-five year old building superintendent, through a series of events that begins when a botched summoning allows the demoness, Astria, to slip into our world for a night.

Walking the Lethe contains mature themes and is not suitable for children.

About the Author
Daniel Potter is a mild mannered vascular biology researcher by day and a slightly deranged writer at night.  He blames this unlikely combination on the fact that his right and left brain have filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and are seeing other people.  Due to the quirks of biology both halves remain in Dan’s head where they are frequently heard shouting at each other by his loving wife. Dan resides in Maastricht, the Netherlands with his wife, two cats, and quarreling gray matter.

About the Artist

Adwarr: Adwarr has forgone the chance to hunt ghosts or date hot actresses to pursue his passion for comics from his home in Balikpapan City, Indonesia. Studying interior design in college, he quickly switched to graphic design and magazine illustration for a local publisher after school. Now he works as a comic book penciller, bring his own horrifying vision to a variety of projects including Walking the Lethe.  When not working on comic pages, Adwarr is an avid reader and heavy metal music enthusiast.

Sam Ireland: Observant from the early age of 5, Sam Ireland has been drawing ever since he could grip a pencil. This early interest lead him on a wild educational ride of Fine Arts, Art Contextual Studies, and Digital Media Studies (and some photography) at the college level. Influenced by the likes of Coey Kuhn and Daniel Conway, Sam developed his own unique style which gained him an unconditional place at Solent University. He graduated in 2009 to chase his dream of designing game characters. Sam does most of his artwork in 3DstudioMax, Zbrush, and Photoshop from his home in Australia. You can view his professional website at

Sam lends his talents to Issues 1 and 2 of Walking the Lethe and created the butterfly detail on the website.

Fallen Kitten Productions
Fallen Kitten Productions its a small, independent comics publisher owned by Daniel Potter. It is dedicated to publishing excellent comics online. Walking the Lethe is their first publication.

Founder/Owner: Daniel Potter;
Webmaster: Amanda Potter;

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Wow, another webcomic artist from the netherlands and from Maastricht! The coincidince!
Of zal ich maar gewoen in t plat proaten.

btw mt site won't be online until the end of may. at least that's my deadline.

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