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Volume 2 Books available for Preorder!

Hey all,

We at Walking the Lethe need some help.  As I’ve mention before my wife and I are currently unemployed.  Which means our income has gone from middle class to nada.  We’re okay, we have a roof over our heads and everything (for awhile at least).  Unfortunately we need to trim back noncritical expenses and creating webcomics when you cannot actually draw counts.  Adwarr doesn’t draw Walking the Lethe for free and deserves to be paid for his beautiful work.

I want to continue this story and you want to read it so let’s make a deal.  It costs about a $1000 per chapter to create Walking the Lethe so we need to raise that much money in either book profits or donations every Chapter.  We’ve finished creating Chapter 9 and Adwarr is working on Chapter 10 now.  We need your help to fund Chapter 11 by the time we post that last page of chapter 9 which will be about the first week in May.  So help us continue to create Walking the Lethe. Buy a book or make a donation.

Oh and if we manage to double our goal, IE get over 2000 dollars.  Chapter 11 will be in COLOR.

On the books: We are in the final stage of submitting the book to the printer.  If all goes well we will have the books in hand by the third week of February and then ship them out by the last week of February.  So these are very short term pre orders!


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