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Stop SOPA and or PIPA

I installed a plug in that should have redirected the site to a STOP SOPA website. It apparently didn’t play nice with some other plugin we use, so you can still see the page today.

These bills need to be killed, period. They will destroy the internet as we know it. Imagine no YouTube, Wikipedia. As a personal measure they will make allowing comments on ANYTHING very dangerous for the site.

Please go read more about the bills here.

And then go sign a petition here.

To my non stateside readers, enjoy the view into the thought process of the US government. I hope yours is a little bit saner.

Update: Got a graphic up.

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Ah, well… in Germany, we got “Zensursula”, also known as Ursula von der Leyen, former “family minister”. She wanted to create some sort of law which would have allowed the government to block all pages they thought were “dangerous” in any kind of way. Can’t say what would have happened if they got it, because the bill never passed.

Anyway, I really hope you guys won’t have to endure shit like that. But after the Patriot Act, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll have to.

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