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Happy New Year

T-minus nine days to moving back to the states. This year is going to be all about change for Amanda and I. We’re leaving Maastricht behind, ending our European adventure. We’ve enjoyed our time in Europe, met great people and we love Maastricht’s atmosphere. It never quite clicked. Hopefully some where in the States we can find a place that we’ll feel comfortable enough to settle down. We don’t know where that will be but its likely to be within New England.

Still this will be a busy year. I want to double down on my creative output. I’ve been consumed by work these last two months and I’ve drifted from my tasks. Ultimately writing will be my career, the only question is how long it will take me to transition. Its time to redouble my efforts.

I am currently (re)scripting chapter 10 of Walking the Lethe. I think this will be the fourth rewrite. Trust me, it needed it. This will be done before we move home.

The Second Volume of Walking the Lethe will be finished and hopefully released by the end of January. We will have both ebook and signed physical copies available. I also plan on doing as many cons as I can afford to drive out to. I really want to get to a few horror cons. A lot will ride on the success of the book.

Next up is finishing Dragonbreath. This was my nanowrimo novel and stands at 40K words. I will finish it within two weeks of being in the states. (About 20k more.) I’ve learned so much writing this novel but its going to need massive overhauling to make it fun. Which I will do at somepoint but for now the goal is finish it and then trunk it for another day.

While Dragonbreath is aging like a fine wine in a drawer, I’ve got a humor/modern fantasy story that has been itching to climb out of my brain. The rough draft will be done by the end of march and will see publication in 2012.

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