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Saying goodbye to Maastricht

Saying goodbye is difficult, no matter what your reasons are for leaving. On January tenth the wife and I are moving back to the states, back to the Boston area. Despite all the good times we’re had in Maastricht and the surrounding areas we have decided that it simply isn’t a good fit for us.

This is the right decision, professionally, creatively and socially. We miss the states for countless reasons both big and small. We’ve had a great adventure here but its time to go home. Unfortunately that means saying goodbye to all the friends we met here. Its somewhat astonishing to me that we have so many. Our social calendar is packed these next two weeks with drinks, dinners and bittersweet goodbyes.

I’m going to miss them all.


I loved the Nederlands (Venlo) and the pro-family culture. There are more “things” in the states and opportunities but you will miss the slow civilized feeling of place. (not to mention the Fresh broiled eels from the Maas? and the markets?, and the real CHEESE!?, etc?)
BTW– quite a story… tot ziens.

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