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End of Chapter 7! Changes for Richard and for you!

We come to the end of Chapter Seven!  Hope you all enjoyed it.

Just as Richard is evolving so is WtL.  I’m heading into a time of uncertainty in the next few months mainly my contract runs out in December and we will be moving back to states.  Unless I’m very lucky with the job search I will likely be looking at a period of unemployment.  Don’t worry to much about that yet, our super buffer will be see use through.  However because I will not be able to guarantee prompt posting of the comic to the supporter section as the buffer there is only a month long at this point I will be closing it down.  Current supporters are getting a short Mr. Done story that will only appear in the back of book two!

I want to thank everyone who has become a supporter of Walking the Lethe and I’m sorry that the supporter section never quite got to the point it was self sustaining.

BUT!  With the close of the supporter section I’m free to channel that energy into what I feel should be truly important at the moment promotion.  The Supporter section was putting the cart before the horse.  Walking the Lethe needs fresh blood and I want to really kick things up a notch on that front.  Firstly, I’m sitting on slew of concept art from both previous chapters and the next chapters.  So I’ll be setting up a weekly incentives using the top webcomics list.  See how it works.  First up is Teresa’s original concept art!

Additionally I have a question for you my good readers. I want to find more horror webcomics, tell me your favorite webcomic with horror elements in the comments! (If WtL is your favorite then tell me your second favorite :D )


Thanks guys, I’m aware of both those comics and I read Edmund Finney every update. Watcher is so abstract that its more of a burst read every few months or so. I’m continually looking for awesome comics that have escaped my notice. Got any more I should be aware of?

Er… hi? New reader here; I just finished catching up on the archives and I can say that I love your work! Keep it up! After enjoying it, I thought that I would help out by posting some links. =)

As a heads up, I do like horror, but not really the lovecraftian sort. I got a ton of links but I’m not sure if all of them are the horror you’re looking for.

Of all horror comics, this one is my favourite. It’s not a webcomic, but still -

and it’s sequel

Thanks, I’ll have to check them out.

And if you have other horror links feel free to share them. I don’t really view WtL as Lovecraftian. It has a few borrowed elements but I’m not playing much with the insanity of the abyss. More the horror of broken people :P

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