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A Weekend of Beer and Science.

I was Munich this weekend for SCIENCE!  The Beer halls here are simply something that must be seen to believe.  Beers come in glasses so large that they strain my wimpy arms when they are full and the pretezel are soft with just the right amount of salt.

So although everything went wrong with the talk I was presenting there, Munich was the perfect place for drowning one’s sorrows under an ocean of nearly divine weiss beer.

As for the comic I thought you guys might be happy to hear that Adwarr and I have finished working on concept art for the next  arc of WtL (Chapters 9 – 12), plus a few ads and a couple things we just did for fun.  Next month I’ll start doling it out as voting incentives for some top lists so hopefully everyone will want to help be out with that.  Looks like I actually did lose a small chunk of readers due to weak stomachs but thank you to everybody still here!  Now would be a great time to tell some friends about the comic as we’re heading into the heavenly showdown which I promise is going to break some brains.

So find somebody who needs to have a brain break and point their eyeballs here.  If you don’t,  Astria might get bored…

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