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Art for Chapter 8 is complete!

Woot!  We just hit a milestone everyone!  All the art from chapter 8 is complete.  Once I get some time to do some lettering Amanda can start laying out the second book!


Its time to start thinking about goodies in the back of the book!  Last time we had a concept art gallery and footnotes on individual pages.  I enjoyed doing the footnotes but I’m worried that the concept art were viewed as filler.

What sort of extras would you buy the book for?  Would you be interested in an ebook version, particularly an ipad version?



Actually, ever since I got my android tablet, I started reading comics in a purely digital form.

So, please count me in for an ebook version, but only if it is platform-neutral (e.g. CBR or something like that). You might also get in touch with the Comixology guys ( ), their stuff works on Android and iPads…

Both the concept art and the footnotes worked well in the first instalment if you ask me. The pages are already there, so you won’t be “deceiving” the buyers of the book by including these “fillers” as you call them; The extra pages won’t go on the expense of anything else. Quite to the contrary the extra information provided by the footnotes as well as the different perspectives and alternatives illustrated by the concept art is rather interesting to see as it enriches the reading experience and gives the reader a better understanding of the story and characters.

So yeah.. Include as many extra goodies as you can (But I’ll buy the book regardless).

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