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Pavlov’s Dream

I’m a total sucker for trippy journey comics. It doesn’t matter if they are dark and spooky or sugar sweet adorable. I like them all. The dream journey allows the artists to go completely nuts with their imagination and show us worlds that we have never seen before.

I found a new one this week. One that is particularly beautiful. Its a sad ghost story told with an art style that blends manga with precious moments. Reading it is a bit like sucking on a lemon drop.  Its drawn by Shari Chankhamma who I met on google+ which is proving to be a very fertile ground for comic folks.

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I’ll give it a look! (‘Cause I don’t have enough to read already . . . that makes the second new one today!)

My introduction to webcomics was something of a “trippy journey comic.” It hasn’t been updated in a while (quite a while!) but it’s still good. If you’re interested, it’s

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