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Google +

I’m been tooling around on Google plus for a couple weeks now and I’m loving it.  Finally a platform that I can talk about everything I want to.  Comics, weird biology, writing, video games, music.  Its all inbounds!  I’m also loving the hangout video chats.  If I could I’d just feed my G+ stream through this blog.  I love it that much.

Come and join the conversation, add me to a circle and let me know you are fan of WtL.  I have very special circle for you.  One of my thirteen circles MuHaahaha.

Click the G+ or email me and I’ll sent you an invite.



Just sent you an invite. :D

My email is listed on the about page for anybody else. Trying to hide it from spambots sorta.

I don’t do social networks for various reasons.
If you begin to rely on Google+ as a platform for your business, I would advise you to consider their record in closing accounts for nondescript violations of the ToS while at the same time they don’t have a decent procedure to contest this, or even find out exactly why they closed said account(s).
I’m wary of my own reliance on the big Google monolith.

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