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Books for the US!

It’s the end of the chapter and time for me to ask you to please support the comic.  We have three ways for you to do so.  Hit the donation button on the side over there, become a supporter (and read a chapter a head) or buy a book!

Right now I really want to sell books!  The first Volume of Walking the Lethe is now available in the good ol US of A for a great price and no international shipping.  Fifteen dollars works out to around 40% off the original price.  The proof we have from Createspace has a beautiful glossy cover and the interior pages have just the right grey levels so you can see all the detail in the art.

As for the ad.  Those lovely spotted hands belong to my lovely wife, who reprised her Ignorance cosplay for the photo shoot. Many thank yous to Diana of SS Grapes who handled the graphic design.  We’ll be back on Monday with the cover to chapter 7. Thank you for reading!


Augh! But I already have the book… When’ll you release the next four chapters?

We need all the art for the those chapters done first. That will happen around September. Then I’m not sure. Life could get very chaotic for us in october on. Hopefully we’ll get it done before the end of the year but I cannot make promises.

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