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And the RSS feed is still having a little trouble.

We had to use some external filters to get everything lined up.  Thats why the feed is no longer displaying the comics and is labeled RSS mix.  Webcomic essentially generates two feeds, one for the comic and one for the blog.  We’re having a terrible time trying to convince them to play nice and I apologize for the repeat posts showing up in everyone’s reader.  I think its stable now.  Hopefully we can get the comics back into the feed soon.

You might also notice we have a google plus one button now.  Click it!  Its fun.

Now I must go back to watching Penn and Teller’s new show.  Its nearly as fun as mythbusters.

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Strictly speaking, WordPress creates 2 feeds that we have to combine. As far as I know no one else using Webcomic/Inkblot is having this problem. Credit where credit is due. :P

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